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Rear Shock Preload Adjustment (All Models)
Adjust both shock absorbers equally. Improper adjustment can adversely affect stability and handling, which could result in death or serious injury. (00036b)
See Figure 1. The Sportster models feature rear shock absorbers that can be adjusted for carrying the weight of a rider and/or passenger.
  • XL 883C and XL 1200C Custom models have five preload positions.
  • XL 883, XL 883L Low, XL 1200L Low and XL 1200R Roadster models have three preload positions.
See Figure 2 and Figure 3. To adjust the rear shock spring preload, turn spring adjusting cam to the desired position with a spanner wrench. When reducing preload, cams should be rotated in opposite direction. A SPANNER WRENCH (Part Number:HD-94820-75A) is available from your Harley-Davidson dealer.
1Rear shock absorber
2Adjusting cam preload
Figure 1. Rear Shock Absorber Adjustment: Sportster Models
Figure 2. Spanner Wrench
1Minimum preload adjustment
2Maximum preload adjustment
Figure 3. Preload Adjustment: Sportster Models