The automatic-on headlamp feature provides increased visibility of the rider to other motorists. Be sure headlamp is on at all times. Poor visibility of rider to other motorists can result in death or serious injury. (00030b)
Check headlamp beam for proper height and lateral alignment:
  1. Verify correct front and rear tire inflation pressure. Refer to Specifications → Specifications: 2006 Sportster Models → Tire Pressures: 2006 Sportster Models .
  2. Place motorcycle on level floor (or pavement) in an area with a low light level.
  3. See Figure 1. Position motorcycle 25 feet (7.62 meters) away a screen or wall. Measure distance from directly below front axle to base of screen/wall.
  4. Draw a horizontal line, on screen or wall, 35 inches (0.9 meters) above floor.
  5. Load vehicle with rider, passenger (if normally present) and any cargo normally carried. Weight will compress vehicle suspension slightly.
  6. Stand motorcycle upright with both tires resting on floor and with front wheel held in straight alignment (directly forward).
  7. Turn ignition/headlamp switch to IGNITION position. Set handlebar headlamp switch to HIGH beam position.
  8. Check light beam for proper height alignment:
    1. Main beam of light (broad, flat pattern of light) should be centered equally above and below horizontal line on screen or wall.
    2. Main beam of light should be directed straight ahead. Properly adjusted headlamps project an equal area of light to right and left of center.
  9. Adjust headlamp alignment if necessary.
125 feet (7.6 meters)
235 inches (0.9 meters)
Figure 1. Headlamp Alignment: Sportster Models
Adjustment (XL 883, XL 883L, XL 883R, XL 1200L, XL 1200R Models)
1. See Figure 2. Remove snap plug (1) on top of headlamp bracket (2).
2. See Figure 3. Loosen headlamp clamp nut.
3. Tilt headlamp up or down to properly aim it in relation to the horizontal line and, at the same time, turn it right or left to direct light beam straight ahead.
4. Tighten headlamp clamp nut to 14–27 N·m (120–240 in-lbs) after lamp is properly positioned. Install snap plug in headlamp bracket.
1Snap plug
2Headlamp bracket
Figure 2. Headlamp Snap Plug: Sportster Models
Figure 3. Headlamp Clamp Nut: Sportster Models
Adjustment (XL 883C and XL 1200C Models)
Horizontal Adjustment:
1. See Figure 3. Loosen the Allen head capscrew (3).
2. Turn the headlamp right or left as necessary to direct the light beam straight ahead.
3. Tighten the Allen head capscrew to 40.7–47.5 N·m (30–35 ft-lbs).
Vertical Adjustment:
1. See Figure 4. Loosen the locknut (1) for the vertical adjustment bolt.
2. Tilt headlamp up or down to properly aim it at the horizontal line on the wall.
3. Tighten headlamp locknut to 40.7–47.5 N·m (30–35 ft-lbs).
2Bolt (vertical adjustment)
3Allen head capscrew (horizontal adjustment)
Figure 4. Headlamp Adjustment (XL 883C and XL 1200C)