See Figure 1. Owners may enable security alarm and immobilization functions with a remote, personally carried transmitter. This transmitter is referred to as a key fob within this document.
The vehicle cannot be armed with the engine running or the ignition ON.
Using Key Fob
See Figure 1. Hold down the key fob button until the system responds with two turn signal flashes and two chirps from optional siren. To assign a key fob to a motorcycle, refer to H-D Factory Security System → Security System Custom Setup → Key Fob Assignment.
Using Auto-arming
Auto-arming causes the security system to automatically arm itself (without the use of the key fob) within 30 seconds after the ignition key is turned OFF. During this period, the security lamp stays on solid to indicate auto-arming is starting up.
The vehicle may be moved during these 30 seconds without triggering the alarm. However, any motion after that period will trigger the security alarm. Upon expiration of the auto-arming period, the turn signals flash twice, the security lamp begins to flash and the siren (if installed) chirps twice.
Figure 1. Key Fob