Fuse Replacement
  1. Turn the ignition to the OFF position.
  2. The left side cover provides access to the battery and fuses. No tools are required to remove or reinstall the side cover.
  3. The left side cover is secured to the motorcycle by two upper slots that fit into clips and a bottom slot that fits into a mounting tab on the battery tray.
The left side cover does not need to be completely removed from the vehicle to access the battery or fuses.
Figure 1. Side Cover Clips: Sportster Models
2Positive (+) battery terminal (under protective rubber boot)
3Maxi-fuse and holder
4System fuses and starter relay
5Left side cover
Figure 2. Maxi-Fuse and Battery Location
1. Place a shop cloth or other clean, dry cloth over rear brake master cylinder reservoir and left passenger foot peg (if equipped). This will protect left side cover from damage.
2. Grasp left side cover at upper corners and gently pull away from plastic mounting clips on frame.
3. While rotating top of cover out away from motorcycle, slide cover down slightly so mounting slot slides down from mounting tab on battery tray. Side cover will now rest on top of rear brake master cylinder reservoir and left passenger footpeg (if equipped) with slot hanging off bottom of mounting tab.
4. Replace the fuse if the element is burned or broken.
Automotive type ATO fuses are used for installation and replacement.
Always use replacement fuses that are of the correct type and amperage rating. Use of incorrect fuses can result in damage to electrical systems. (00222a)
5. Slide fuse block into holder until latch fully engages tab on holder.
6. Place bottom of side cover with grommet in frame and press top of side cover into clips until snug.
1Side cover mounting tab (on battery tray)
2Mounting slot (bottom of left side cover)
3Left side cover
Figure 3. Left Side Cover in Open Position
2Accessories (15 amp.)
3Battery (15 amp.)
4Lamps (15 amp.)
5Ignition (15 amp.)
6Spare (15 amp.)
7Instruments (15 amp.)
Figure 4. Fuse Block: Sportster Models
1Top mounting slots
2Bottom mounting slot
Figure 5. Side Cover: Sportster Models
Replacing the Maxi-Fuse
All Sportster models have a main fuse to protect the motorcycle wiring. This 30 amp maxi-fuse provides main battery power to the motorcycle. It is located in a rubber-coated fuse holder behind the motorcycle's left side cover.
  1. Grasp the fuse holder in one hand and the plastic body of the maxi-fuse in the other. Pull the maxi-fuse straight out of the fuse holder.
  2. Insert the prongs of the new maxi-fuse in the fuse holder slots. Push the maxi-fuse firmly down into the fuse holder.
  3. Grasp top corners of side cover. While rotating top of cover up towards motorcycle, gently pull cover up so that mounting slot slides up mounting tab.
  4. Line up top slots of side cover with mounting clips on motorcycle frame, aligning with front clip first. Press top of side cover into clips until snug.
Figure 6. Maxi-Fuse
Figure 7. Maxi-Fuse Replacement: Sportster Models