Carbureted Models Only
A constant velocity (C.V.) carburetor uses an enrichener instead of a choke. An enrichener is operated almost the same way as a choke except there are two differences:
See Figure 1. Engine speed increases as the enrichener knob is pulled out. By moving the enrichener knob, you adjust the air/fuel mixture to start a cold or warm engine.
1. Pull enrichener knob all the way out for cold engine starting.
Pay close attention to the vehicle's warm-up time. Either excessive or insufficient use of the enrichener may cause poor performance, erratic idle, poor fuel economy, spark plug fouling and equipment damage. (00164a)
2. Change the enrichener knob position between full-out or full-in as the situation requires.
See OPERATION section for detailed starting procedures.
Only carbureted models use an enrichener.
1Enrichener knob
2Full-out (cold engine starts)
31/2 way position
4Full-in (normal running position)
Figure 1. Setting the Enrichener