Carbureted Models Only
See Figure 1. The fuel supply valve is located under the fuel tank. The fuel supply is cut off to the engine when the valve handle is horizontal and when the engine is turned OFF.
  1. Turn the handle to the horizontal position (2) to turn OFF main fuel supply.
  2. Turn handle to position (3) to turn ON main fuel supply.
  3. Turn the handle to position (1) to turn ON reserve fuel supply.
The fuel supply valve is vacuum-operated and will open and close when engine is turned ON or OFF.
  • The fuel supply valve on the vehicle should be turned OFF when the vehicle is not operating.
  • To always maintain a reserve supply, do not operate the motorcycle with the valve in the reserve (RES) position after refueling.
1Handle HORIZONTAL - OFF position
2Handle DOWN (main supply) - ON position
3Handle UP (reserve supply) - RES position
Figure 1. Fuel Supply Valve: Sportster Models