1. Bring an assigned fob within range.
2. Disconnect vehicle from charger.
3. Unlock fork.
4. Raise the jiffy stand.
5. See Figure 1. Press the OFF/RUN switch to the RUN (3) position.
6. Ensure twist grip is released.
7. Verify no propulsion interlock alerts are displayed. See Operation → Instruments.
The vehicle has propulsion interlocks, Propulsion interlocks are conditions that must be met before propulsion can be enabled. Propulsion interlocks will be displayed on the IM (instrument module) when conditions are not met to enable propulsion.
8. Press and hold the start switch (7) until side bar lamps are green. See Operation → Indicators.
Once propulsion is enabled the motorcycle will provide haptic feedback to the rider through the EVPT when the motorcycle is stopped. The rider will feel a slight pulsing in the EVPT similar to a heartbeat.
1Hazard warning
4 Right turn signal
5 Cursor/select
7 Start
Figure 1. Right Hand Switch Module