If the motorcycle will not be operated for a period of time, take steps to protect the motorcycle.
1. Refer to Table 1 for Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) storage instructions. Refer to Before Riding → Charging Motorcyclefor State of Charge (SOC) and battery charging instructions.
2. Check and fill the cooling system. See Maintenance and Lubrication → Coolant.
3. To protect the body panels, powertrain, chassis and wheels from corrosion, follow the cosmetic care procedures before storage. See After Riding → Cleaning and General Care.
4. Arm the security system. Refer to SECURITY SYSTEM.
5. Cover the motorcycle with a material such as light canvas that breathes. Plastic materials that do not breathe promote condensation and corrosion.
Make a list of everything you do and fasten it to a handlebar grip. When you take the motorcycle out of storage, this list is your reference/checklist to get your motorcycle in operating condition.
Table 1.
Length of Storage
Storage Procedure
Less than 30 days
Plug the bike into the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). Arm the security system.
Longer than 30 days
Ensure the RESSSOC is between 30–70% before a 30 days or longer storage event. Arm the security system. Monitor the SOC and ensure it does not dip below 30%. Recharge if necessary.