If the vehicle is transported without being put into transport mode, the 12-volt battery may be depleted. In this situation, the 12-volt battery needs to be replaced before the vehicle will power back up.
When transporting the vehicle, it is necessary to utilize transport mode. Placing the vehicle in transport mode disables the motion detector, preventing a prolonged security event. The vehicle remains armed and unable to start until the fob is present.
To Enter Transport Mode
  1. With security fob present, set the OFF/RUN switch to RUN.
  2. Set the OFF/RUN switch to OFF.
  3. Simultaneously press both the left and the right turn signal switches within five seconds of turning the OFF/RUN switch to OFF.
  4. Following a single flash, the turn signals flash three times to indicate that the system is armed in transport mode.
  5. Take the fob out of range to enable vehicle's security.
When transport mode is enabled the Instrument Module (IM) will momentarily display In Transport Mode message.
To Exit Transport Mode
With the fob present, set the OFF/RUN switch to RUN to disarm the system and exit transport mode.