Security Lamp
If the security lamp stays illuminated while riding, see a LiveWire dealer.
If the security system continues to actuate warnings and alarms with the fob present, check for:
  1. Electromagnetic interference: Other electronic devices, power lines, or other electromagnetic sources can cause the security system to operate inconsistently.
    1. Verify that the fob is not in a metal enclosure or within 76 mm (3 in) of any other electronic devices.
    2. Place the fob on the seat and set the OFF/RUN switch to RUN. After the system disarms, return the fob to a convenient location.
    3. Move motorcycle at least 5 m (15 ft) from the spot of interference.
  2. Discharged fob battery: Use the PIN to disarm the system. Replace the battery. See SECURITY SYSTEM → Security System Fob.
  3. NOTE
    When fob battery is low the Instrument Module (IM) will display LOW FOB BATTERY message.
  4. Damaged fob: Use the PIN to disarm the motorcycle. Replacement fobs are available for purchase from a LiveWire dealer.