1. Check tire pressure. Refer to Specifications → Specifications .
  2. Adjust rear shock for the rider and intended load. See Before Riding.
1Perpendicular line
2Vertical line
37.6 m (25 ft)
4Low beam bulb centerline
5Horizontal line
Figure 1. LED Headlamp Alignment
Check Alignment
  1. See Figure 1. Park the motorcycle in a line (1) perpendicular to the wall.
  2. Position motorcycle with front axle 7.6 m (25 ft) from wall.
  3. Draw a vertical centerline (2) on the wall aligned with line (1).
  4. With the motorcycle loaded, point the front wheel straight forward at wall. Measure the distance (4) from the floor to the center of headlamp.
  5. Draw a horizontal line (5) through vertical line (2) using the same height measurement as low beam bulb centerline (4).
  6. Align the top of the hot spot to horizontal line (5) with headlamp set to low beam.
  7. Adjust headlamp, if necessary.
Adjusting Headlamp
1. See Figure 2. Remove fairing (1).
a. Pull fairing away from mounting bracket.
2. Loosen vertical adjustment screw (3).
3. Adjust headlamp vertically until beam centers on horizontal line.
4. Tighten vertical adjustment screw (3)
Torque: 13.5–17.6 N·m (10–13 ft-lbs) Headlamp adjustment screw
Perform all adjustments before installing speed screen.
5. Install fairing.
a. Align fairing posts to grommets (4) and push.
4Grommet (4)
Figure 2. Headlamp Adjustment
Replacing Headlamp
The headlamp is a sealed assembly. Replace the headlamp as a unit. See a LiveWire dealer for service.