If you have questions or concerns regarding the performance of your motorcycle or the application of the limited warranty described here, or are not satisfied with the service you are receiving from an authorized LiveWire dealership, do the following:
  1. Contact the selling and/or servicing dealership and speak to the sales and/or service manager.
  2. If your concern cannot be addressed to your satisfaction by the dealership, contact the LiveWire Customer Support Center by mailing your concern to the following address or calling the phone number below.
In the U.S., state warranty laws, often referred to as lemon laws, may provide you with certain rights not specifically mentioned here. To the extent allowed by your state, LiveWire requests that you first send written notification of any defect or warranty non-conformity that you have experienced with your motorcycle to LiveWire. LiveWire appreciates the opportunity to investigate your concerns and restore your satisfaction in your motorcycle by making the necessary repairs consistent with the terms of LiveWire's limited warranty. LiveWire requests that you send your complaint to the LiveWire Customer Support Center.
This warranty does not mean that each LiveWire motorcycle is free from defects. Defects may be unintentionally introduced into motorcycles during the design and manufacturing processes and such defects could result in the need for repairs. For this reason, LiveWire provides the Limited Warranty in order to remedy any such defects that result in a component malfunction or failure during the warranty period. The remedy under this written warranty, and any implied warranty, is limited to repair, replacement or adjustment of the defective part. This exclusive remedy shall not be deemed to have failed its essential purpose so long as LiveWire, through its authorized dealers, is willing and able to repair, replace or adjust defective parts in the prescribed manner. LiveWire's liability, if any, shall in no event exceed the cost of correcting any defect as herein provided and upon expiration of this warranty, any such liability shall terminate.