The automatic-on headlamp feature provides increased visibility of the rider to other motorists. Be sure headlamp is on at all times. Poor visibility of rider to other motorists can result in death or serious injury. (00030b)
A Motorcycle with a keyless ignition does not require a key for operation. Instead, an assigned security fob must be present or the PIN must be used before propulsion can be enabled.
The key supplied with the motorcycle is for the fork lock. See Operation → Controls, Instruments and Switches.
Ignition Mode
With security fob present, set the OFF/RUN switch to RUN. The lights and Instrument Module (IM) become operational and propulsion can be enabled. To disarm the security system using the PIN, see SECURITY SYSTEM → Arming and Disarming.
The motorcycle remains on until the OFF/RUN switch is set to OFF. Taking the security fob out of range will not turn off the motorcycle after it is turned on. However, the IM will display a NO FOB alert if the motorcycle begins moving without the fob present.
With the OFF/RUN switch in RUN, the system will turn off after 15 minutes of inactivity.
When parked, set the OFF/RUN switch to OFF and take the security fob from the motorcycle to prevent theft or propulsion. With the motorcycle turned off and the security fob out of range, the propulsion system and OFF/RUN switch remain disabled, immobilizing the motorcycle.
Accessory Mode
See Operation → Left Hand Control Switches → Left Hand Control Module. With the security fob present, press and hold the Trigger switch. The IM and accessory circuit are powered. The headlamp (high and low beam) and turn signal lamps remain off. While in accessory mode:
To turn off accessory mode, press and hold the Trigger switch.
Do not leave the motorcycle in accessory mode for an extended period. This can discharge the battery. If the vehicle is left in accessory mode for 40 minutes, the vehicle will automatically shut off to prevent complete battery discharge. To resume accessory mode, press and hold the trigger switch.