Electric vehicles (EV), like their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts, also rely on 12V circuity to power components like the headlights, horn, and instrument module. LiveWire contains a 12V lithium-ion maintenance-free battery that is monitored and recharged by the (RESS). The onboard DC to DC converter steps down high voltage to charge the smaller 12V battery. The 12V battery supplies power to the RESS, BMU and its HV contactors. Without 12V power, the RESS contactors will not close, and the HV systems will not energize. Note: If 12V power is lost while the unit is being ridden, the HV system will remain active until propulsion is turned off. During an emergency, first responders can cut the low voltage cut loop which supplies 12V power to the RESS contactors to disable the HV system.