Checking Level in Expansion Tank
GENUINE HARLEY-DAVIDSON EXTENDED LIFE ANTIFREEZE & COOLANT (Part No. 99822-02) provides protection to -34° F (-36.7° C). In climates where the temperature falls below -34° F, (-36.7° C), consult a local Harley-Davidson dealer for the proper mixture.
  1. See Figure 1. Remove the fastener and louvered side cover with vehicle on jiffy stand.
Do not loosen or remove pressure cap when cooling system is hot. The cooling system is under pressure and hot coolant and steam can escape from pressure cap, which could cause severe burns. Allow motorcycle to cool before servicing the cooling system. (00091c)
At operating temperature, radiators and oil coolers contain hot fluids. Contact with a radiator or oil cooler can result in minor or moderate burns. (00141b)
3Mounting tabs
Figure 1. Side Cover: VRSCSE
Figure 2. Cold Full Line on Expansion Tank
1. See Figure 2. Check the coolant level in the expansion tank with the coolant cold.
De-ionized water must be used with the antifreeze in the cooling system. Hard water can cause scale accumulation in water passages which reduces cooling system efficiency, leading to overheating and motorcycle damage. (00195b)
Coolant mixture contains toxic chemicals, which may be fatal if swallowed. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting; call a physician immediately. Use in a well ventilated area. Irritation to skin or eyes can occur from vapors or direct contact. In case of skin or eye contact, flush thoroughly with water and go to hospital, if necessary. Dispose of used coolant according to federal, state and local regulations. (00092a)
2. If the level is below the "COLD FULL" line on the tank, follow the procedure below to top off the coolant level:
a. Unlock and raise the seat.
b. See Figure 3. Remove the airbox cover by turning the bailhead fastener 1/4 turn counterclockwise. Pull the airbox cover away from the front locating holes and disconnect indicator connector.
c. See Figure 4. Remove the filler cap from the expansion tank and add Genuine Harley-Davidson Extended Life Antifreeze & Coolant until the fluid level reaches the "COLD FULL" line.
d. Replace the cap on the expansion tank.
e. Reinstall the airbox cover. Reconnect indicator connector. Secure the cover by turning the bailhead fastener 1/4 turn clockwise.
f. Turn the ignition/seat release switch to the FUEL position and close the seat. Then turn the ignition/seat release switch to the LOCK position. Verify the seat lock is engaged by pulling upward on the seat.
  • Genuine Harley-Davidson Extended Life Antifreeze & Coolant is pre-diluted and ready to use full-strength. Do NOT add water.
  • If you find yourself in a location where Genuine Harley-Davidson Extended Life Antifreeze & Coolant is not available, you may use a 50-50 mixture of de-ionized water and Ethylene Glycol-based Antifreeze.
When closing the seat, make sure the ignition switch is in the FUEL position. If the ignition switch is in any other position when the seat is closed, the seat latch mechanism could be damaged. (00196a)
3. Reinstall the right side cover. Tighten the fastener to 4.1–6.8 N·m (36–60 in-lbs).
If the coolant expansion tank is empty when the engine is cold, it is possible that air has been drawn into the cooling system. The system must be purged of any trapped air and refilled with coolant. See the VRSC service manual for instructions on the correct procedure.
Clean the inlet surface of the radiator regularly. Leaves and other debris can collect on the radiator surface and degrade radiator performance which could lead to overheating and motorcycle damage. (00197d)
1Airbox cover
2Bailhead fastener
Figure 3. Airbox Cover: VRSCSE
Figure 4. Expansion Tank Filler Cap