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See Figure 1. The rear shock absorber spring preload can be adjusted for the weight the motorcycle is to carry and has five preload graduations. Notice the adjustment settings as you turn the collar.
Adjust both shock absorbers equally. Improper adjustment can adversely affect stability and handling, which could result in death or serious injury. (00036b)
The average weight solo rider might use the extended spring preload position (adjustment setting 1 or 2).
  1. Place the shock absorber adjustment tool around the lower collar of the shock absorber.
  2. Turn the collar clockwise (toward higher numbers) to increase the preload or pressure.
Use the adjustment setting numbers as a reference for equal adjustment of shock absorbers on both the right and left side of the motorcycle. A heavy solo rider might require additional preload or pressure (adjustment setting 3).
Do not turn the shock absorber adjustment collar clockwise beyond adjustment setting 5. Doing so may result in equipment damage. (00166b)
Adding a passenger may require maximum preload (adjustment setting 5).
Turn the collar counterclockwise to decrease the preload or pressure.
See Figure 1. To adjust the rear shock absorber spring preload, turn the spring adjusting cam to the desired position with a spanner wrench. When returning to off-cam position, cams should be backed off in opposite direction. A SPANNER WRENCH (Part Number:94700-52C) is available from your Harley-Davidson dealer.
Figure 1. Adjusting Rear Shock: VRSC Models
Figure 2. Spanner Wrench