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See Figure 1. The oil filter is located on an oil filter mount in front of the engine.
Be sure that no lubricants or fluids get on tires, wheels or brakes when changing fluid. Traction can be adversely affected, which could result in loss of control of the motorcycle and death or serious injury. (00047d)
Do not switch lubricant brands indiscriminately because some lubricants interact chemically when mixed. Use of inferior lubricants can damage the engine. (00184a)
VRSC vehicles require a premium oil filter (Part No. 63793-01K).
1. See Figure 2. Loosen the oil drain plug and completely drain the oil.
2. Remove the oil filter using an OIL FILTER WRENCH (Part Number:HD-42311).
  • Removal of lower radiator support may make oil filter access easier.
  • Dispose of oil and oil filter in accordance with local regulations.
3. Clean the filter gasket contact surface on the mounting plate (the surface should be smooth and free of any debris or old gasket material).
4. See Figure 1. Apply a thin film of oil to the gasket contact surface on the mounting plate, gasket and new oil filter.
5. Screw the filter onto the adapter until the gasket contacts the plate surface, then apply another 2/3-1 full turn.
6. See Figure 2. Install the engine oil drain plug. Tighten the drain plug to 30–40 N·m (22–30 ft-lbs).
7. Refer to Specifications → Specifications: 2005 VRSCSE Models → Capacities: 2005 VRSC Models. Fill the engine with the recommended amount of oil.
1Thin oil film ONLY
2Oil filter
3Mounting plate
Figure 1. Applying Thin Oil Film
Figure 2. Oil Drain Plug: VRSC Models