For more detailed information about the ignition/seat release switch, see Controls and Indicators → Ignition.
  1. See Figure 1. Push the key into the ignition/seat release switch and turn it counterclockwise to the FUEL position.
  2. Lift the seat upward.
  3. NOTE
    See Figure 2. The lanyard will hold the seat in position on the motorcycle frame.
1. See Figure 1. Verify the ignition/seat release switch is in the FUEL position.
2. Pull the seat downward and firmly press on the seat. Turn the ignition key to the LOCK position. This engages the seat lock.
Never route throttle cable over the battery. Fire due to short circuit could occur and cause death or serious injury. Throttle cables must be routed alongside battery, between hold down strap and coolant overflow bottle. (00224a)
3. Verify the seat lock is engaged by pulling upward on the seat.
Refer to the VRSC Service Manual for information pertaining to seat installation and removal.
1Fuel/seat release position
2Lock position
3OFF position
4Ignition position
5Accessory position
Figure 1. Ignition/Seat Release Switch: VRSCSE
Figure 2. Seat Lanyard: VRSC Models