Check Engine Lamp
See Figure 1. The engine check lamp is located inside the instrument cluster. Its purpose is to indicate whether or not the engine/engine management system is operating normally. The engine lamp color is red.
The engine lamp normally comes on when the bike's ignition is first turned on and remains on for approximately 4 seconds, as the engine management system runs a series of self-diagnostics.
If the engine lamp comes on at any other time, see a Harley-Davidson dealer.
Low Fuel Lamp
See Figure 1. There is a low fuel warning lamp within the instrument cluster. The low fuel lamp lights up to indicate that you have at least 0.5 gallon (1.9 liters) of gasoline left in the tank. The low fuel lamp color is amber.
1Check engine lamp
2Low fuel lamp
Figure 1. Check Engine and Low Fuel Lamp: VRSCSE