Refer to Maintenance Scheduling → Regular Service Intervals → Regular Service Intervals: 2005 VRSCSE Models. The engine air cleaner is a paper/wire mesh air filter element. Inspect the filter element. Inspect more often under dusty conditions. Remove the air cleaner as follows:
  1. Unlock and lift the seat.
  2. See Figure 1. Remove the airbox cover by turning the bailhead fastener 1/4 turn counterclockwise. Pull the airbox cover away from the front locating holes.
  3. See Figure 2. Disconnect indicator connector.
  4. See Figure 3. Remove electrical connector (3) by pushing down on bail wire to unlock. The airbox top is retained by eight clips, three per side, one at the rear and one in the front under the snorkel. Release the clips and remove the airbox top.
1Airbox cover
2Bailhead fastener
Figure 1. Airbox Cover: VRSCSE
Figure 2. Indicator Lamp Connector: VRSCSE
1Airbox top
2Mounting clips
3Electrical connector
Figure 3. Airbox Top: VRSC Models
1Air filter element
2Air cleaner cap
3Wing nut
Figure 4. Air Cleaner Assembly: VRSC Models
1. See Figure 4. Unscrew the wing nut securing the air cleaner cap. Remove the air cleaner cap and paper/wire mesh air filter element.
To prevent objects from falling down the velocity stacks, temporarily reinstall the air cleaner cap. (00208a)
2. Wash the paper/wire mesh air filter element in luke warm water with a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly.
Compressed air can pierce the skin and flying debris from compressed air could cause serious eye injury. Wear safety glasses when working with compressed air. Never use your hand to check for air leaks or to determine air flow rates. (00061a)
3. Allow the filter element to either air dry or blow it dry from the inside with low pressure air.
4. Hold the filter element up to a strong light source. If light is uniformly visible through the element, it is sufficiently clean. Replace the filter element if it is damaged or if the filter media cannot be adequately cleaned.
Do not use air cleaner filter oil on Harley-Davidson paper/wire mesh air filter elements.
5. Remove the air cleaner cap. Place the air filter element in the bottom tray of the airbox. Install the air cleaner cap over the air filter element and secure with the wing nut.
Install air filter before running engine. Failure to do so can draw debris into the engine and could result in engine damage. (00207a)
6. Position the airbox top over the air filter assembly and fasten the clips along each side and the clip at the rear.
7. See Figure 5. The front clip under the snorkel is attached to the airbox top. Fasten the clip over the lip on the airbox bottom.
8. See Figure 6. Position the airbox cover with the locating pins in the holes on the frame tabs.
9. Turn the bailhead fastener 1/4 turn clockwise to secure the airbox cover to the motorcycle.
10. Lower the seat back down and lock it in place.
Figure 5. Front Airbox Clip
1Locating pins
2Frame tab holes
Figure 6. Airbox Cover Mounts: VRSC Models