Many Harley-Davidson accessories and seats are either made of leather or have leather inserts. Natural materials age differently and require different care than man-made materials. Seat covers and panels made of leather will gain "character", such as wrinkles, with age. Leather is porous and organic and each leather product will settle into its own distinct form with use. Your leather product will mature into its own custom shape and style from the sun, rain and the miles. This maturing is natural and will enhance the custom quality of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
Leather must be periodically cleaned and treated to maintain its appearance and extend its life. Clean and treat leather once a season or more frequently under adverse conditions.
Do not use bleach or detergents containing bleach on saddlebags, seats, tank panels or painted surfaces. Doing so can result in equipment damage. (00229a)
  1. Vacuum or blow dust off.
  2. Thoroughly clean leather with a good quality saddle soap, following manufacturer's directions. Rinse thoroughly with clean sponge or cloth and water. Allow leather to dry.
  3. Once leather is dry, treat with a good quality leather treatment, such as LEATHERCARE (Part No. 98261-91).
  4. Always allow leather to dry completely before using.