For electrical problems, it is best to see a Harley-Davidson dealer who has the necessary parts and equipment to perform electrical services.
Accessing Fuse Block and Relays
  1. Make sure the ignition is turned OFF.
  2. Unlock and open the seat.
  3. Remove the airbox cover by turning the bailhead fastener 1/4 turn counterclockwise. Pull the airbox cover away from the front locating holes and disconnect indicator connector.
  4. See Figure 2. Gently lift up each fuse block cover release tab and slide each fuse block assembly out of the fuse block cover.
  5. See Figure 1. Each fuse block assembly contains both fuses and relays.
1Start relay
2Accessories (15 amp.)
3Security (15 amp.)
4Lamps (15 amp.)
5Spare (15 amp.)
6Spare (15 amp.)
7Fuel pump (15 amp.)
8System relay
9ECM relay
10Ignition (15 amp.)
11ECM power (15 amp.)
12 Battery (15 amp.)
Figure 1. Fuses and Relays: VRSC Models
1Fuse block cover
2Release tabs
3Fuse block assemblies
Figure 2. Fuse Block Assembly: VRSC Models
Fuse Replacement
Fuses do not reset. A blown fuse must be replaced.
1. Remove the suspect fuse and inspect the element.
Be sure both vehicles have the same battery voltage when jump starting. Connecting vehicles with different system voltages can result in vehicle damage. (00220c)
2. Replace the fuse if the element is burned or broken.
Use only automotive type ATO fuses as replacements.
3. Slide each fuse block assembly back into the fuse block cover. Push the fuse block assembly into the cover until the cover release tab snaps into place.
4. Replace the airbox cover. Reconnect indicator connector. Turn the bailhead fastener 1/4 turn clockwise to secure the cover.
Never route throttle cable over the battery. Fire due to short circuit could occur and cause death or serious injury. Throttle cables must be routed alongside battery, between hold down strap and coolant overflow bottle. (00224a)
5. Turn the ignition switch to the FUEL position and close the seat. Then turn the ignition switch to the LOCK position. Verify the seat lock is engaged by pulling upward on the seat.
Replacing The Maxi-Fuse
All VRSC models have a main fuse to protect the motorcycle wiring. This 40-amp maxi-fuse provides main battery power to the motorcycle. It is located in a rubber-coated fuse holder behind the motorcycle's right side cover.
1. See Figure 3. Remove the fastener, carefully lift the side cover off the mounting tabs and set it aside.
2. Grasp the fuse holder in one hand, the plastic body of the maxi-fuse in the other, and pull the maxi-fuse straight out of the fuse holder.
3. Insert the prongs of the new maxi-fuse in the fuse holder slots. Push the maxi-fuse firmly down into the fuse holder.
4. Replace the side cover on the mounting tabs, line up the hole in the cover with the threaded hole in the frame tab, and install the fastener. Tighten the fastener to 11–17 N·m (97.2–150 in-lbs).
1Maxi-Fuse (40 amp.)
2Fuse holder
Figure 3. Maxi-Fuse Replacement: VRSC Models