Protect your vehicle against theft. Failure to lock the motorcycle after parking could result in theft and/or equipment damage. (00151b)
See Figure 1. Sportster models have the fork lock on the right side of the steering head. Using the fork lock immediately after parking your motorcycle will discourage unauthorized use or theft.
Do not operate vehicle with forks locked. Locking the forks restricts the vehicle's turning ability, which could result in death or serious injury. (00035a)
See Figure 2. Lock the fork.
  1. Turn fork to full left position.
  2. Insert key into fork lock.
  3. Turn to right position (clockwise).
  4. Remove lock key.
  5. To unlock fork, insert key into fork lock and turn to the left position (counter-clockwise). Remove lock key.
  6. Check steering for proper operation by turning the handlebars through the full operating range. Handlebars should turn smoothly without binding.
Figure 1. Fork Lock Location: Sportster Models
1Fork locked
2Fork unlocked
Figure 2. Fork Lock Positions: Sportster Models