XL1200C, XL1200CB, XL1200CX, XL1200X Models
1. Set horizontal adjustment:
a. See Figure 1. Loosen horizontal adjustment screw (3).
b. Turn headlamp right or left as necessary to direct light beam straight ahead.
c. Tighten horizontal adjustment screw to 40.7–47.5 N·m (30–35 ft-lbs).
2. Set vertical adjustment:
a. Loosen locknut (1) for vertical adjustment bolt.
b. Tilt headlamp up or down to aim it at horizontal line on wall.
c. Tighten headlamp locknut to 40.7–47.5 N·m (30–35 ft-lbs).
2Vertical adjustment bolt
3Horizontal adjustment screw
Figure 1. Headlamp Adjustment: XL1200C, XL1200CB, XL1200CX, XL1200X
XL883L, XL883N, XL1200T Models
1. See Figure 2. Remove snap plug (1) on top of headlamp bracket (2).
2. Loosen headlamp clamp nut (3).
3. Tilt headlamp up or down to aim it at horizontal line. At same time, turn it right or left to aim beam straight ahead.
4. Tighten headlamp clamp nut to 13.6–27.1 N·m (120–240 in-lbs) after lamp is properly positioned.
5. Install snap plug.
1Snap plug
2Headlamp bracket
3Clamp nut
Figure 2. Headlamp Adjustment: XL883L, XL883N, XL1200T