Press and release the left or right turn signal switch to activate the turn signal lamps. The lamps flash until they are automatically canceled or manually canceled by the rider.
If a turn signal indicator flashes rapidly, a turn signal is not operating. Exercise caution. Use hand signals. Immediately replace defective components.
Automatic Canceling
The turn signal lamps automatically cancel when a full turn has been detected based on speed, acceleration and turn completion.
The lamps also cancel if the turn signal has been activated for a prolonged period (20 flashes) while the motorcycle speed is greater than 11 km/h (7 mph). If the motorcycle is stopped or moving slower than this speed, the turn signal continues flashing.
Manual Canceling
To cancel the turn signal, press and release the turn signal switch a second time.
To activate the opposite turn signal, press and release the turn signal switch for the new direction. The first turn signal cancels and the opposite turn signal lamps begin flashing.