Models with LED lamps do not contain replacement bulbs. Replace the LED assembly.
1. See Figure 1. Insert a coin or the blade of a small screwdriver into the notch at the bottom of the lens cap. Carefully twist until the lens cap pops out of the lamp housing.
2. Push bulb in and rotate counterclockwise. Pull bulb from socket.
3. Inspect condition of electrical contacts in socket. If necessary, clean with a small wire brush and electrical contact cleaner.
4. Apply ELECTRICAL CONTACT LUBRICANT to contacts in socket and at bottom of new bulb.
5. Align pins on new bulb with pin guides in bulb socket. Push bulb in and turn clockwise to lock in place.
6. Snap lens cap onto the lamp housing with notch at bottom.
Be sure that all lights and switches operate properly before operating motorcycle. Low visibility of rider can result in death or serious injury. (00316a)
7. Check operation of all lamps.
Figure 1. Remove Lens