1. See Figure 1. Remove mounting screw (1) to detach seat from rear fender.
  2. Press seat down and forward (2).
  3. Lift (3) slightly to detach keyhole bracket from seat post.
  4. Pull seat back (4) to detach seat tongue from fuel tank bracket.
  5. Verify that tongue and mounting bracket are tightly secured to the seat bottom.
  6. NOTE
    The grab strap is not sold separately. Replace entire seat if the grab strap is damaged.
  7. Two-up seat: Inspect grab strap for damage or excessive wear.
1Remove screw
2Press down and forward
4Pull back
Figure 1. Remove Seat
1. See Figure 2. Position seat on frame with mounting bracket (1) at rear.
2. Slide seat forward until the tongue (2) fits snugly under fuel tank bracket.
3. Push seat forward to engage keyhole (3) onto seat post. Pull seat back slightly.
Mounting bracket of solo seat uses forward hole in rear fender. Dual seat bracket uses rearward hole.
4. Install seat mounting screw to fasten seat mounting bracket to top of rear fender. Tighten to 1.7–3.4 N·m (15–30 in-lbs).
5. Pull up on seat to verify that it is locked at all three points.
1Mounting bracket
4Grab strap
Figure 2. Solo and Two-Up Seats