The left side cover provides access to the battery and fuse block. No tools are required to remove or install the side cover.
  • The left side cover does not need to be completely removed from the vehicle to access the battery or fuses.
  • Place a shop cloth or other clean, dry cloth over left passenger footpeg (if applicable). This will protect cover from damage.
  1. See Figure 1. Grasp left side cover at upper corners and gently pull away from frame. Disengage the front clip first for easier opening.
  2. While rotating top of cover out away from motorcycle, slide cover down slightly so mounting slot slides down from mounting tab on battery tray.
  1. Raise the left side cover.
  2. Align the barrel clips on the cover with the socket clips on the frame. Press the cover to secure.
1Barrel clips on cover
2Socket clips on frame
Figure 1. Left Side Cover