The automatic-on headlamp feature provides increased visibility of the rider to other motorists. Be sure headlamp is on at all times. Poor visibility of rider to other motorists can result in death or serious injury. (00030b)
See Figure 1. The ignition switch controls electrical functions of the motorcycle. The switch is located on the right side of the steering head. Refer to Table 1.
Turn the key to the OFF position and remove key when the motorcycle is not in operation. The key may also be removed in the ACC position.
Do not operate vehicle with forks locked. Locking the forks restricts the vehicle's turning ability, which could result in death or serious injury. (00035a)
Protect your vehicle against theft. Failure to lock the motorcycle after parking could result in theft and/or equipment damage. (00151b)
Do not lubricate barrel locks with petroleum based lubricants or graphite. Inoperative locks may result. (00152a)
Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position before locking the motorcycle. Leaving the switch in the ACC position will keep the instrument lights on and result in a discharged battery. (00492b)
1Ignition off
2Accessory on
3Ignition on
Figure 1. Ignition Switch: Sportster Models
Table 1. Ignition Switch
Ignition and lamps are off. Key can be removed.
Instrument lamps are on. Brake lamp and horn can be activated. Key can be removed.
Ignition and lamps are on.
*International models: Position and tail lamps are also on.