Fob Assignment
See Figure 1. Key fobs are electronically assigned to the security system by a Harley-Davidson dealer so that the motorcycle can recognize a fob's unique signal. Only two fobs can be assigned at any one time.
Replacement fobs can be purchased from a dealership but can only be assigned to the motorcycle by a trained Harley-Davidson technician.
  • The reusable label found on the fob packaging lists the serial number of the fob. For reference, affix the label to a blank "NOTES" page in this Owner's Manual.
  • The serial number of the fob is also found on the inside of the fob. See SECURITY SYSTEM → Fob Battery.
  • The module will arm only if the fob has been assigned by a Harley-Davidson dealer and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) has been entered in the system. The PIN should be recorded on the Personal Information page in the front of this Owner's Manual and on the removable wallet card.
  • Should the rider misplace the fob or if the fob fails, the rider can refer to the wallet card and use the PIN to manually disarm the system. See SECURITY SYSTEM → Arming and Disarming and SECURITY SYSTEM → Troubleshooting.
  • The rider can change the PIN at any time. See SECURITY SYSTEM → Personal Identification Number (PIN).
Riding with a Fob
Riding without a Fob
If the motorcycle is ridden off without the fob, the odometer window temporarily displays "NO FOB." To restart a motorcycle without a fob, disarm the security system with the PIN.
Figure 1. Fob: Security System