Polycarbonate windshields/wind deflectors require proper attention and care to maintain. Failure to maintain polycarbonate properly can result in damage to the windshield/wind deflector. (00483e)
Use only Harley-Davidson recommended products on Harley-Davidson windshields. Do not use harsh chemicals or rain sheeting products, which can cause windshield surface damage, such as dulling or hazing. (00231c)
Windshields require special care. Do not use ammonia-based or gas station window cleaners. These cleaners can damage the windshield. For proper windshield maintenance, see Care and Cleaning → Windshield Care.
  1. See Figure 1. Support the windshield and open the clamp levers.
  2. Lift the windshield forward off the front forks.
Be sure that steering is smooth and free without interference. Interference with steering could result in loss of vehicle control and death or serious injury. (00371a)
Pinched throttle cables can restrict throttle response, which could result in loss of control and death or serious injury. (00423b)
1. Verify that rubber gaskets are in place in the clamp saddles.
2. To check operation, cycle the clamps open and close.
3. Straddle the front fender. Hold the windshield with both hands.
4. Fit the clamps to the fork slider tubes between the upper and lower fork brackets. If any of the four clamps do not align to the fork slider tubes:
a. Loosen the clamp shoulder bolt.
b. Rotate the clamp to align with the slider tube.
c. Repeat until all four clamps align to the slider tube.
d. Seat each clamp bolt in the windshield bracket. Tighten to 5.4–8.1 N·m (48–72 in-lbs).
5. Align the windshield:
a. Center the windshield to the fork tubes, headlamp and speedometer.
b. Align the height. Do not block turn signals, pinch turn signal wire harnesses or interfere with clutch or throttle cables.
6. Lock the clamps with the levers.
7. Check that all four clamps are in the locked position and the windshield is secure.
Check the windshield mounting hardware periodically. Never ride with loose mounts. A loose mount causes extra stress on the remaining mounts, as well as the windshield itself, and could cause premature failure of components.
Figure 1. Windshield Clamp Levers