Hazard Warning 4-Way Flasher
See Figure 1. Use this switch to allow a stranded motorcycle to be left in the 4-way flashing mode. With the flashers, the motorcycle can be left with the ignition locked until help is found. Refer to Table 1.
  1. With the ignition switch in the IGNITION or ACC position, press on the hazard warning triangle to activate the 4-way flashers.
  2. NOTE
    Security models: The fob must be present when turning on the 4-way flashers and when canceling the flashers.
  3. Turn ignition off. The 4-way flashers continue for 2 hours or until cancelled by the rider.
  4. To cancel, turn the ignition to ACC or IGNITION. Press the warning triangle above the start switch.
See Figure 1. The start switch is on the right handlebar control module. Refer to Table 1.
  1. Switch the OFF/RUN switch to the RUN position. Shift the transmission to neutral. The neutral (green) indicator illuminates. See Operation → Starting the Engine.
  2. Turn the ignition switch to IGNITION. Press the start switch to operate the starter motor.
  3. NOTE
    • When the starter is activated, the headlamp is momentarily turned off to reduce battery load.
    • If the engine does not start, the starter motor runs for 5 seconds and then stops. Release the start switch. Press the start switch to try again. After several unsuccessful attempts to start the engine, see a Harley-Davidson dealer.
Engine Off
See Figure 1. Press the engine OFF switch to shut off the engine. Refer to Table 1.
After turning off the engine. Turn the ignition switch to OFF to disconnect the electric power.
Engine Run
See Figure 1. Push the engine RUN switch to enable engine start and run. The engine OFF/RUN switch must be in the RUN position to start or operate the engine. Refer to Table 1.
Friction Screw
Do not tighten throttle friction adjustment screw to the point where the engine will not return to idle automatically. Over-tightening can lead to loss of vehicle control, which could result in death or serious injury. (00031b)
See Figure 1. To reduce rider fatigue on long trips, a spring-loaded throttle friction adjustment screw (4) is at the bottom of the throttle grip clamp. The throttle friction adjustment screw should not be used under normal stop and go operating conditions.
Right Turn Signal
Activate: See Figure 1. Press the right turn signal switch to activate the right turn signal. Refer to Table 1.
Cancel: Press the right turn signal switch to cancel the right turn signal. For detailed operation, see Controls and Indicators → Turn Signal Switch Operation.
Front turn signal lamps also function as running lamps. This feature may not be available in all markets.
4Left turn signal
Figure 1. Right Hand Control Module
Table 1. Right Hand Control Switches
Press the switch to activate the 4-way flashers.
Press the switch to start the engine.
Press the switch to the off position to stop the engine or to prevent the engine from starting.
Press the switch to the run position to allow the engine to run.
Right turn
Press the switch to signal a right turn.