1. Check tire pressure.
  2. Fill fuel tank or add an equal amount of ballast.
  3. Adjust rear shocks for the rider and intended load.
  4. NOTE
    Choose a wall in minimum light.
  5. See Figure 1. Park the motorcycle on a perpendicular line (1) with the front axle 7.6 m (25 ft) (3) from a wall.
  6. Draw a vertical line (2) on the wall.
  7. NOTE
    Adjust the headlamps of motorcycles with multiple beam headlamps to converge into one pattern.
  8. With the motorcycle loaded, point the front wheel straight forward at wall. Measure the distance (4) from the floor to the center of the high beam bulb.
  9. Draw a horizontal line (5) through the vertical line on the wall. Place line 53.3 mm (2.1 in) lower than the measured bulb centerline.
  10. NOTE
    The headlamp is aligned when the light beam hot spot is located over the intersection of the lines.
  11. With the high beam activated, verify headlamp alignment. Adjust as necessary.
1Perpendicular line
2Vertical line
325 ft (7.6 m)
4High beam bulb centerline
5Horizontal line 2.1 in (53.3 mm) lower than bulb centerline
Figure 1. Headlamp Alignment: Sportster Models