See Figure 1. The gear shift lever is located on the left side of the motorcycle and is operated with the left foot. The shift lever changes gears in a sequential five-speed transmission.
Shift Pattern
The clutch must be fully disengaged before attempting a gear shift. Failure to fully disengage the clutch can result in equipment damage. (00182a)
See Figure 1. Each gear must be engaged in sequence. Lift the gear shift lever to upshift and press the lever to downshift. After each gear change, release the gear shift lever to allow it to return to its resting position. See Operation → Shifting Gears.
Neutral is located between first and second gear. The transmission can be shifted to neutral from either first or second gear. Lift or press the gear shift lever one-half of its stroke. In neutral, the indicator lamp will light.
Figure 1. Shift Lever and Shift Pattern