Your motorcycle is equipped with a sealed AGM battery design that is superior to conventional flooded lead acid batteries. This battery design will provide many years of dependable service when the proper battery charging equipment and storage procedures are used. Because of the sealed, non-spillable battery design, an automatic, constant monitoring battery charger or tender that uses a charging rate of less than 14.6 volts is required to prevent overcharging conditions that will dry out the cells of the battery. Constant current battery chargers (including trickle chargers) can damage AGM batteries.
To maintain a full charge between rides, Harley-Davidson recommends using an optional Harley-Davidson constant monitoring battery charger or tender when your motorcycle will not be ridden for more than two weeks, with the best practice of installing the charger or tender any time the motorcycle is not in use. See an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer for a selection of recommended constant monitoring battery chargers, tenders and charging accessories. Harley-Davidson battery tenders include a quick disconnect cable, allowing easy connection to charge the battery with minimal disassembly of the motorcycle. Some models are equipped with a battery tender connector as standard equipment.
Lack of regular battery charging or use of constant current battery chargers may void battery warranty. See the battery maintenance section of this manual for more information on battery charging and storage procedures.