The First 500 mi (800 km)
The sound design, quality materials, and workmanship that are built into your new Harley-Davidson will give you optimum performance right from the start.
To allow your engine to wear-in its critical parts, we recommend that you observe the riding rules provided below for the first 800 km (500 mi). Adherence to these suggestions will help to provide good future durability and performance.
  1. During the first 80 km (50 mi) of riding, keep the engine speed below 3000 rpm in any gear. Do not lug the engine by running or accelerating at very low rpm, or by running at high rpm longer than needed for shifting or passing.
  2. Up to 800 km (500 mi), vary the engine speed and avoid operating at any steady engine speed for long periods. Engine speed up to 3500 rpm in any gear is permissible.
  3. Drive slowly and avoid fast starts at wide open throttle until the engine has warmed up.
  4. Avoid lugging the engine by not running the engine at very low speeds in higher gears.
  5. Avoid hard braking. Break-in new brakes by moderate use for the first 300 km (200 mi).