Detach passenger seat strap before removing seat. Failure to do so can result in damage to rear fender paint. (00225a)
  1. See Figure 3. Open right saddlebag cover. Remove screw (1) from seat strap bracket.
  2. Pull upward on strap (2) to free it from slot in bracket. Move passenger seat strap to side of seat.
  3. Remove mounting screw (3) to detach seat mounting bracket from top of rear fender.
  4. See Figure 1. Push seat rearward to free tongue from slot in the seat.
  5. See Figure 2. Separate the seat connector half (1) from the power connector half.
  6. Remove seat.
1. Mate the heated seat connector half to the power connector half found in the frame backbone Y to the left of the battery.
2. Place seat on frame backbone.
3. See Figure 1. Firmly push front of seat downward and forward until tongue engages slot in seat.
4. See Figure 3. Push seat forward until rear fender seat retention nut is centered in hole of mounting bracket.
5. Install seat mounting screw (3). Tighten to 5.4–8.1 N·m (48–72 in-lbs).
If the seat retention nut is damaged or lost, see service manual.
6. Pull up on the seat to be sure it is secure.
7. See Figure 3. Install end of seat strap in slot of seat strap bracket. Install seat strap bracket fastener. Tighten to 5.4–8.1 N·m (48–72 in-lbs).
Figure 1. Seat Tongue
2Mounting slot
Figure 2. Seat Mounting Slot
1Seat strap screw
2Seat strap
3Seat screw
Figure 3. Seat Strap Screw