1. Spread the seat covering at the base of the backrest exposing the two spring loaded support arms.
  2. See Figure 1. Using two hands, squeeze the spring loaded support arms together.
  3. Pull upward to remove the backrest from the bracket.
  1. Spread the seat opening to expose the keyed backrest support bracket.
  2. Squeeze together the two spring loaded support arms on the backrest.
  3. See Figure 2. Insert the support arms into the keyed support bracket. Select one of three height adjustment holes.
  4. Test to make sure the seat is secured into the bracket.
The backrest is spring loaded to assist the passenger in getting on and off the vehicle.
Height Adjustment: Select one of three sets of holes in the bracket to fit the backrest to the rider.
Tilt (Angle) Adjustment: See Figure 1. Locate the set screw behind the eyelet (3) in the back of the backrest. To set an angle that fits the rider, use a 3/16 in. Allen wrench to loosen, adjust and tighten the screw to fix the angle of the backrest.
1Support arms
3Tilt adjustment eyelet
Figure 1. Rider Backrest Installation
2Keyed support bracket
Figure 2. Rider Backrest Mounting Bracket