Some international models have a jiffy stand interlock.
If the transmission is in neutral, the motorcycle will start and run. If the jiffy stand is down and the transmission in gear, engaging the clutch stalls the motorcycle. The message "SidEStAnd" scrolls across the odometer. Raising the jiffy stand or putting the transmission in neutral will permit the engine to run. The odometer will clear the message.
If the stand lowers at a speed greater than 15 km/h (10 mph), the engine will continue to run. The indicators will flash twice. The message "SidEStAnd" will scroll across the odometer. The message remains until the system detects the jiffy stand in the fully retracted position again. The rider can continue to ride while in this mode.
The rider can clear the text messages at any time by pressing the trip/trigger switch once while the vehicle is powered up.