Use only recommended cleaning and care products. Refer to Care and Cleaning → Cleaning and General Care → Recommended Cleaning and Care Products and Care and Cleaning → Cleaning and General Care → Recommended Surface Care Products .
During rinsing and washing, avoid direct spray on electrical components, air filter element and any luggage or saddlebag sealing areas (if equipped). Avoid spraying water under leather saddlebag covers (if equipped).
  1. Allow motorcycle to cool before rinsing or washing. Spraying water on hot surfaces can leave water spots and mineral deposits.
  2. Rinse the motorcycle from the bottom up.
  3. To loosen dried bugs or hardened dirt, allow surfaces to soak under a damp towel.
Cleaning Wheels and Tires
  1. Rinse wheel and tire surfaces. Avoid splashing brake dust on chrome or painted parts.
  2. Apply WHEEL & TIRE CLEANER. Allow cleaner to set for one minute.
  3. Clean the wheel with a BUG EATER SPONGE or WHEEL & SPOKE BRUSH. Thoroughly scrub all brake dust and other sediments off the wheel. Accumulated brake dust can trap moisture and dirt, which leads to wheel corrosion.
  4. Rinse well.
Washing the Motorcycle
See the appropriate instructions in this section for cleaning leather, denim (flat) finishes, windshields or other special surfaces.
  1. If necessary, use BUG REMOVER to remove bug splatters.
    1. Rinse the affected surfaces during preparation.
    2. Spray the area with BUG REMOVER.
    3. Wait one minute while the BUG REMOVER penetrates the bug splatters.
    4. Use the BUG EATER SPONGE while washing to easily remove bugs.
  2. Prepare the wash.
    1. Fill a HARLEY WASH BUCKET with clean water.
    2. Add SUNWASH BIKE SOAP, following the directions on the package.
    3. Soak the WASH MITT and/or a BUG EATER SPONGE in the SUNWASH solution.
  3. Wash all surfaces starting at the top working down toward the ground.
  4. Rinse the motorcycle twice in both directions:
    1. Rinse from the bottom up.
    2. Rinse from the top down.
Drying the Motorcycle
  1. Dry the surfaces from the top down using a SYNTHETIC DRYING CHAMOIS or a HOG BLASTER MOTORCYCLE DRYER. Avoid using any type of forced air on speakers or other sensitive components.
  2. Dampen chamois in clean water and wring out the excess. The chamois is more absorbent when wet.
  3. Wipe across the vehicle surface.
  4. Repeat as necessary until surface is dry.
Polishing and Sealing
If motorcycle has denim finish, skip the Polishing and Sealing procedure.
  1. Apply GLAZE POLY SEALANT with a DISPOSABLE DETAILING SOFT CLOTH or MICROFIBER DETAILING CLOTH, following the instructions on the package.
  3. Polish and seal the wheels to prevent corrosion.