See Figure 1. Models with heated hand grips have a variable heat control dial on the end of the left-hand grip.
Rotate the control dial to align the desired setting with the arrow on the grip. The heat settings range from 1 (minimum) to 6 (peak). Rotate to the off icon to turn off heat.
The hand grips are thermostatically-controlled, providing a constant grip temperature regardless of changes in the outside temperature. To prevent battery drain, heated hand grips should only be used while the engine is running.
The sensor for thermostatic control is housed in the left-hand grip. Maintaining consistent hand contact with both left and right-hand grips produces the most consistent results. If the hand grips are not producing heat, see Troubleshooting → HEATED HAND GRIPS.
Allow approximately 20 minutes for grips to reach final operating temperature.
1Control dial
2Heat off
Figure 1. Heated Hand Grips