Coolant mixture contains toxic chemicals, which may be fatal if swallowed. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting; call a physician immediately. Use in a well ventilated area. Irritation to skin or eyes can occur from vapors or direct contact. In case of skin or eye contact, flush thoroughly with water and go to hospital, if necessary. Dispose of used coolant according to federal, state and local regulations. (00092a)
At operating temperature, radiators and oil coolers contain hot fluids. Contact with a radiator or oil cooler can result in minor or moderate burns. (00141b)
Use only Genuine Harley-Davidson Extended Life Antifreeze and Coolant. Use of other coolants/mixtures may lead to motorcycle damage. (00179c)
GENUINE HARLEY-DAVIDSON EXTENDED LIFE ANTIFREEZE AND COOLANT is pre-diluted and ready to use full strength. It provides temperature protection to -36.7 °C (-34 °F). DO NOT add water.
De-ionized water must be used with the antifreeze in the cooling system. Hard water can cause scale accumulation in water passages which reduces cooling system efficiency, leading to overheating and motorcycle damage. (00195b)
If GENUINE HARLEY-DAVIDSON EXTENDED LIFE ANTIFREEZE AND COOLANT is unavailable, a mixture of de-ionized water and ethylene glycol-based antifreeze may be used. At the first opportunity, change back to GENUINE HARLEY-DAVIDSON EXTENDED LIFE ANTIFREEZE AND COOLANT.
Checking Coolant Level
Check coolant level with engine cold and motorcycle on level ground.
  1. Remove access panel from lower right fairing. Pry the center top and pull out to release retainers.
  2. NOTE
    See Figure 1. The coolant bottle has two lines. Use the angled line (2) when the motorcycle is leaning on the jiffy stand.
  3. See Figure 1. Check that coolant level in coolant bottle is at or slightly above the "COLD" line (1).
  4. NOTE
    • Do not remove the pressure cap (4). Fill the coolant bottle by removing the rubber plug (3).
    • If the coolant bottle is empty when the engine is cold, inspect the system for leaks. Repair as needed. Fill system with coolant and perform bleed procedure. See a Harley-Davidson dealer for service.
  5. If level is below "COLD" line on tank, remove rubber plug (3). Add GENUINE HARLEY-DAVIDSON EXTENDED LIFE ANTIFREEZE AND COOLANT until fluid level reaches, or is slightly above the "COLD" line.
  6. Install rubber plug.
  7. Install access panel.
1Cold full line, vehicle upright
2Cold full line, vehicle on jiffy stand
3Overflow cap
4Pressure cap
Figure 1. Coolant Level
Clean Radiators
Clean the inlet surface of the radiator regularly. Leaves and other debris can collect on the radiator surface and degrade radiator performance which could lead to overheating and motorcycle damage. (00197d)
  1. See Figure 2. Remove outer grille from lower fairing.
    1. Carefully pry on curved edge of panel to release latches.
    2. Remove from fascia.
  2. Clean debris from radiator fins.
  3. Install outer grille.
Figure 2. Lower Fairing Grille Panel
Checking Coolant Freeze Point
See a HARLEY-DAVIDSON dealer for coolant freeze point test.