The main fuse and P&A fuse must both be installed to use a battery tender.
See Figure 1. The motorcycle has a quick disconnect battery tender connector under the left side cover below the main fuse. Connecting a battery tender between rides and during storage can maintain battery charge and extend the life of the battery.
To access connector, remove left side cover. See Maintenance and Lubrication → Side Covers.
Route the connector through the slot in the bottom of the electrical caddy. Secure the harness and connector with cable straps in a location that prevents damage to the connector and surrounding areas. Make sure to apply ELECTRICAL CONTACT LUBRICANT to the terminals. Keep the connector capped to prevent moisture damage when not in use.
See Figure 2. Connect an automatic, constant monitoring battery charger/tender as shown. The connector is compatible with all Harley-Davidson battery tenders.
For more charging information, see Maintenance and Lubrication → Battery Maintenance.
1Battery tender connector
2Route connector through slot
Figure 1. Battery Tender Connector (under left side cover)
Figure 2. Battery Tender Connection