The motorcycle comes from the factory with two key fobs. The key fobs have been electronically assigned by your dealer to disarm the security system and operate the power locks for your motorcycle. Only two fobs can be assigned to a motorcycle at any one time. Replacement key fobs can be purchased and assigned for your motorcycle by a Harley-Davidson dealer.
A unique number is attached to a tag on the key fobs. Write your key fob number in the space provided in the front of this manual.
Retractable Key
The retractable key can be used to manually lock and unlock the fork lock switch, saddlebags and Tour-Pak.
Extend key: See Figure 1. Press the button (2) to extend the key.
Retract key: Press the button to release the key. Rotate the key back into the fob body.
Power Locks
The key fob remotely locks and unlocks the fork lock switch, saddlebags and Tour-Pak. The key fob can actuate the locks while the motorcycle is on or off. The effective range for power lock operation is approximately 12 m (40 ft). See Controls and Indicators → POWER LOCKS.
Security System
The security system can be disarmed when an assigned key fob is within range. Always carry the fob when riding, loading, fueling, moving, parking or servicing the motorcycle. The range for disarming the security system is approximately 1.5 m (5 ft) from the center of the motorcycle.
See Controls and Indicators → Keyless Ignition to operate the motorcycle. See SECURITY SYSTEM for a complete description of security system features.
Riding away without the fob: The odometer window temporarily shows NO FOB if the motorcycle is ridden away without the key fob. To restart a motorcycle without a key fob, disarm the security system with the PIN. See SECURITY SYSTEM → Arming and Disarming.
Removing key fob when parked: Always lock the fork and remove the key fob when parked. Do not leave the key fob attached to the handlebars or stored in a luggage compartment. If the key fob is within range, the motorcycle can be started and the alarm will not activate.
Replacing the Battery
Ingestion can result in death or serious injury. Choking, chemical burns and perforation of soft tissue may result. Severe burns can occur within 2 hours of ingestion or placement in any part of the body. Seek medical attention immediately. (13105b)
Replace the fob battery every year.
  1. See Figure 2. Slowly turn a thin blade in the thumbnail slot (1) on the side of the fob to separate the two halves.
  2. Remove the battery (2) and discard.
    1. Push the latch (3) away from the battery.
    2. Lift the battery from the side opposite the latch.
  3. Install a new battery (CR2032) with the positive side up.
    1. Verify that the metal tabs will firmly contact battery. Bend up slightly if necessary.
    2. Install the battery against the latch with the positive side up.
  4. Snap the halves together.
Figure 1. Key Operation
1Thumbnail slot
Figure 2. Fob Battery