See Figure 1. The Jukebox media compartment is an enclosure in the dash which may be used to connect a media device or store small items. Media players and USB storage devices with media files can be connected to the USB port. Radio system updates are also performed through a USB storage device.
The USB port charges the connected device while the motorcycle is turned on or while in accessory mode. See BOOM! BOX OWNER'S MANUAL to install updates or play files.
Open: See Figure 1. Push lower portion of door and release.
Close: Firmly push the door shut until latch engages.
Install USB or media device: Connect device to the USB port. Rest device in the padded cradle. Close the compartment door.
Door latch reset: If compartment door was forced open or is not latching properly, the door latch may need to be reset. Push the door shut. Open the door. Close the door again to engage the latch mechanism.
Keep door closed while riding to prevent items from falling out. Remove valuable items from the media compartment before leaving the vehicle unattended.
The cradle can be removed to clean within the media compartment. Install the cradle before riding to prevent media devices from moving in the compartment and to minimize vibration.
Do not use media players with hard drives. Vibration may cause internal damage to device.
1Door recess
2USB port
Figure 1. Media Compartment