When replacement is required, use only the specified sealed beam unit or bulb, available from a Harley-Davidson dealer. An improper wattage sealed beam or bulb, can cause charging system problems. (00209a)
LED headlamp contains no replacement bulbs. Replace assembly upon failure.
  1. Remove screw at bottom of chrome headlamp door.
  2. Rotate door counterclockwise a few degrees. Pull headlamp door straight forward to remove.
  3. See Figure 1. Remove screws securing retaining ring.
  4. Disconnect headlamp connector.
1. Install headlamp connector.
2. Secure headlamp assembly with retaining ring and screws. Tighten screws to 2.5–3.6 N·m (22–32 in-lbs).
3. Install the chrome headlamp door:
a. Verify that rubber seal is in place on headlamp door. Apply glass cleaner to seal to ease installation.
b. With the headlamp door rotated a few degrees counterclockwise, push headlamp door straight onto headlamp.
c. Rotate clockwise until screw can be installed. Tighten to 1–2 N·m (9–18 in-lbs).
Figure 1. Headlamp Retaining Screws