Rain Sock
See Figure 1. In wet or rainy conditions, because the filter element is exposed, water can enter the engine. When parked, water can cause internal engine corrosion or damage. When running, water can cause the engine to misfire.
In wet or rainy conditions, install the rain sock over the air cleaner assembly to prevent water intrusion.
  1. See Figure 1. Remove two screws (1). Remove trim insert (2).
  2. Remove screws (3).
  3. Remove air cleaner cover (4) and air filter element (5).
Cleaning Filter Element
Do not use gasoline or solvents to clean filter element. Flammable cleaning agents can cause an intake system fire, which could result in death or serious injury. (00101a)
Compressed air can pierce the skin and flying debris from compressed air could cause serious eye injury. Wear safety glasses when working with compressed air. Never use your hand to check for air leaks or to determine air flow rates. (00061a)
Do not strike filter element on a hard surface to dislodge dirt.
  1. Wash the paper/wire mesh filter element (and breather tubes) in lukewarm water and mild detergent.
  2. NOTE
    Do NOT use air cleaner filter oil on the Harley-Davidson paper/wire mesh air filter element.
  3. Allow filter element to air dry or use low-pressure compressed air from the inside of the filter.
  4. NOTE
    The element is sufficiently clean when light is uniformly visible through the media.
  5. Hold the filter element up to a strong light to check progress.
  6. Replace the filter element if the element cannot be adequately cleaned or if the element is damaged.
1. See Figure 1. Apply LOCTITE 243 MEDIUM STRENGTH THREADLOCKER AND SEALANT (blue) to screws (3).
2. Install air filter element (5) and cover (4) with screws (3).
3. Tighten.
Torque: 13.6–16.3 N·m (120–144 in-lbs) Filter element screws
4. Install trim insert (2) with screws (1). Tighten.
Torque: 3.1–3.6 N·m (27–32 in-lbs) Trim insert screws
1Screw (2)
3Screw (2)
5Air filter element
Figure 1. Air Filter Element