This motorcycle has an Electronic Throttle Control (ETC). Instead of using a mechanical cable connection to the throttle body, this technology uses redundant grip sensors to indicate rider requested throttle position to the Electronic Control Module (ECM). The ECM then regulates proper fuel/air intake and ignition timing based on the rider's actions.
The Electronic Control Module (ECM) monitors the status of the grip sensors, throttle plate actuation and airflow. If Trouble Codes are detected, the ECM disables cruise control, illuminates the check engine lamp and will transition to one of the following modes.
ETC Limited Performance Mode
The rider experiences near-normal operation. The motorcycle operates with provisions to guard against unintended acceleration.
ETC Power Management Mode
The throttle plate actuator returns to an "idle detent" or "limp-home" position, which provides enough torque to achieve speed of about 40 km/h (25 mph). The motorcycle's response to grip sensor input is reduced.
ETC Forced Idle Mode
The throttle plate actuator is forced to a "fast idle" position, which provides enough torque to crawl, but not enough torque to operate at traffic speeds.
ETC Forced Shut Down Mode
The engine is forced to shut down.