Police models have a jiffy stand interlock feature.
If the rider attempts to start the engine or pushes the starter button while the transmission is in gear and the jiffy stand is down, then the jiffy stand interlock system will not permit the engine to run. The message "SidE StAnd" will scroll across the odometer to indicate this to the rider. Raising the jiffy stand (or putting the transmission in neutral) will permit the engine to run and clear the message.
If the jiffy stand lowers out of the fully retracted position while riding at speeds greater than 15 km/h (10 mph), then the jiffy stand interlock system will maintain engine operation and alert the rider about this by illuminating the indicators (flash twice) and scroll the message "SidE StAnd" across the odometer. The message will remain until the system detects the jiffy stand in the fully retracted position again. The rider may continue to operate the vehicle while in this mode.
The rider may clear the text messages at any time by pressing the trigger switch once while the vehicle is powered up.
If the operation of raising the jiffy stand and putting the transmission in gear is rapidly executed, the jiffy stand bouncing off the frame could cause the jiffy stand interlock system to activate and stop the engine.