1. See Figure 1. Remove acorn nuts (3) and washers (4).
  2. Remove front pivot bolt (5) and nut (6).
  3. Lift seat and bracket assembly.
  4. See Figure 2. If battery removal is necessary, remove two flange nuts (2) and washers (1) and remove seat fairing.
1. See Figure 2. If removed, install seat fairing. Tighten flange nuts to 6.8–10.8 N·m (60–96 in-lbs)
2. See Figure 1. Place seat and bracket assembly on motorcycle and install front pivot bolt. Tighten nut to 5.4–9.5 N·m (48–84 in-lbs).
3. Rotate top spring plate so upper studs (7) are offset to the rear.
4. Align bracket with studs and install washers and nuts. Tighten nuts to 6.8–9.5 N·m (60–84 in-lbs).
2Flange nut
3Acorn nut
5Pivot bolt
6Acorn nut
Figure 1. Seat Attachment
1Seat fairing
2Flange nut with washer (2)
Figure 2. Seat Fairing: Police Models